This class is designed to give the beginning student the fundamental building blocks for creating a character using the text and their imagination. In teaching the essential elements of acting, a diverse set of theatre games are played to reinforce important ideas. As they move from basic text analysis to final rehearsals of their scenes, special emphasis is placed on spontaneity and creativity while maintaining focus and attention.


Specifically designed to help students improve their physical coordination and spatial awareness, this unit utilizes the movement theory of Meyerhold through a select combination of biomechanics, yoga and beginning gymnastics. As students start to identify areas of tension within their own bodies, a wide variety of individual stretches and balances are introduced. Advanced movement work consists of partner balances, basic tumbling and emotional characterization through position and movement.

Voice and Speech

This unit involves creating the building blocks for vocal mastery of the following areas: breathing, phonation, resonance, pronunciation, articulation and phrasing. Instruction utilizes the methodology of Cecily Berry. Acquired technique is subsequently applied to both comedic and dramatic monologues.

History and Theory

This unit entails a detailed examination of the historical origins of theatre, the development of genres within the discipline, significant artists who have contributed to the growth of theatre and current trends in contemporary theatre. Specific attention was paid to the following periods: Greek and Roman theatre, Medieval Theatre and the Mystery Cycles, Elizabethan theatre, Restoration theatre, Realism/Naturalism and Modernism.