Instructional Materials for the LCHS Theatre Department

Power Standards

In addition to the Common Core State Standards, the LCHS Theatre Department has created and implemented an extensive set of Power Standards. This subset of learning standards represent prioritized academic expectations which the department has determined to be the most critical and essential for theatre students to learn.

Pacing Guides

Because the Theatre Department at La Canada High School has adopted an 8 show season, a detailed pacing guide has been created to ensure that the scope and sequence of the curricular schedule has been communicated to the students and parents in order to avoid conflicts with other classes and extracurricular activities.


In an effort to provide robust and regular feedback to the students and parents, the LCHS Theatre Department has created special rubrics to quickly and thoroughly assess student progress. Results from the rubrics are in turn used to retool instructional content to ensure that all students are able to properly master the required content.

Musical Auditions

Please click the links below to download the audition packet and score for the musical.

Audition Packet

Musical Score