This year, the LCHS Theatre Department is thrilled to present an unforgettable season featuring 8 fantastic plays! Even more exciting this year is the news that admission to all of the plays is absolutely free!!

However, while admission to the plays is free, producing them is not. We still have to pay for sets, costumes, props, lighting, sound, make-up, programs, posters, flyers and much more and as many of you know, there's no budget from the school.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! We are asking for a small, one-time donation of $100.00 from each family Your donation is completely tax-deductable and goes directly to the LCHS Theatre Department. Your family’s donation of $100 will go directly towards paying for this season’s 8 shows - that’s just $12 per show!

You can also choose to help us out by buying some of the supplies that we know we'll need for the year! We can’t do it without your help - we really need your support! Here are the different ways you can help us:


Perhaps the most critical form os assistance you can provide is a one-time suggested donation of $100 made payable to LCUSD - LCHS THEATRE. With just one check from you, we can produce a full season of shows complete with soaring sets, period costumes, lighting, sound, props, make-up and royalties. Your donation is completely tax-deductible and helps us mount EIGHT professional shows over the year!


In order to produce our shows, there are certain supplies and materials that we need replenished every year. If you'd like to help us out by directly purchasing some of these supplies and materials, just email us at jeick@lcusd.net and we can give you a small list! PLEASE DON'T BUY ANY SUPPLIES OR MATERIALS BEFORE CONTACTING US FIRST!


Finally, you can help us pay for the posters which we have printed for every show to help advertise the production in our community. Our posters are printed here in La Canada so not only would yoube helping the Theatre Department, but you'd be supporting our local businesses as well!